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Our plans for features and development.

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What features should we focus on next? Send me your suggestions through the chat widget and we'll talk about it!

Here is a brain dump of what is in the pipeline, in no particular order:

Client Portals

  • Allow clients to have multiple client accounts using the same email

  • Allow user to customize embed height

  • Additional security features for sensitive industries

  • More separation between client users (contacts), e.g. the ability to share things with specific contacts

  • An option to default the portal to a list of action items

  • Ability to add custom CSS


  • Add time estimates (tasks)

  • Add a view to see the workload for each team member (tasks)

  • Allow assigning a task to multiple users (maybe?) or else add a "watch" feature (tasks)

  • Allow changing the order of tasks in the task list (tasks)

  • Find and replace function (all tools)

  • Indicate visually when a new task is assigned to you (tasks)

  • E-signature functionality (Files)


  • Enable users to rate and review each other

  • Enable clients to rate and review users

  • Allow users to add these reviews and testimonials to their profile


  • Push notifications

  • Client billing and team payouts

  • Bulk client import with spreadsheet

  • More integrations

  • Mobile app

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